I think the reason I love Adventure Time so much is because it reminds me of being a little kid again and nostalgia, and that Finn and Jake have the life that I crave so badly… Being able to adventure every day and not have any supervision and just have fun all the time. I want that more than anything. I know it’s a silly cartoon that was created for kids but it’s so adorable and perfect, I literally want a tattoo one day of Finn and Jake fist pumping that says “don’t let growing up stop the adventure”

I’m so tempted to just lay in bed all day. School is so draining to me. It sucks my happiness out and just fills me up to the emotional brim. I feel like I’m on the constant verge of a panic attack every day now. I’m always shaky and nervous and tired and moody. I’m pushing people away because of it too. I can’t wait for spring break.

I’d very much like my license now. I want to be able to drive to a nice secluded place whenever I need. 

I’m done with this silly “go to school get a job” business. I’m ready to travel the world now thank you

seriously though, all I want is one close female I can call my best friend because I’ve lived here for like 2 years and I haven’t had even one.

I’m thinking of giving myself some dreads on the bottom half of my hair…


My mom, her girlfriend, my boyfriend and I are all going this weekend c:


the beach house was fucking fantastic. we burned incense and played on the beach and watched movies and tv and cooked food and ordered chinese and hung out in the hot tub and collected sea shells and shopped at cute flea markets and it was perfection and I wish I never had to go back to school ever again

So I tried to tone my hair white, and it turned out gray.. oops

I’m so cooped up in my house I can’t stand this ><

I wanna go adventure and stuff!

Winter formal tonight :D

Damnit I spent all morning on my food blog and now I wanna prepare a huge feast but we don’t have enough food sigh :c

I miss having friends.

I’ve lived in Corvallis for almost 2 years and still don’t have a best friend, the exception being my boyfriend. I don’t hang out with anyone but Matt, ever. I hang out in my room every night, day in day out. I’m so sick of being alone all the time.